Wie Is De Mol Reveal 2023 drone opening

Commissioned by


Shot with
DDG Godmode, Gopro, Mavic 3 Pro

Ralph Hogenbirk
Vince Tonk
Frank Maters

Production assistant
Fardau Van Der Meulen

Answer to the question; Who is the mole!

The opening of the thrilling season finale of Wie Is De Mol could of course only be depicted in one spectacular way. Fortunately, IDTV managed to find us and we gave the starting signal for the all-decisive question; Who Is De Mol with our FPV drone images in a mini one-take.

We also provided the broadcast with general drone images of the audience watching outside and a few unique shots from the exterior to the interior with our small FPV drone. For example, our drone images during this live broadcast could have added to this more camera production.

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