Meet the Dutch Drone Gods

With our team of five full team dedicated employees we make sure we take every drone shoot to the next level.
Producing high-end fpv drone videos for all of our clients; from smaller productions, live events, festivals to television and even cinema movies.

Ralph Hogenbirk - Dutch Drone Gods

Ralph Hogenbirk

Pilot & founder

Nothings impossible with this guy. Always looking to push the limits on a production and not affraid to try new techniques to stand out from the rest. It's the pilot behind Red Bull's World's Best FPV Drone Shot and many more things that were once thought to be impossible to shoot.

Instagram: @shaggyfpv

Vince Irie - Dutch Drone Gods

Vince Irie

Pilot & founder

Vince lives and breaths everything remote controlled. Not only does he fly FPV on another level, he also nails it with rc planes and cars. Stands out with his calming vibe on productions and also is the pilot who did the one take at Matthijs Gaat Door.

Instagram: @jedeye_fpv

Ale Petra - Dutch Drone Gods

Ale Petra


Our newest pilot in the team, but skilled nonetheless! Flying for over 4 years, Ale is pushing boundaries every day when he flies. With his eager mindset to progress and learn, he sets new bars everyday.

Instagram: @alepetra_

Rene Sebastian - Dutch Drone Gods

Rene Sebastian

Creative director

Rene get's involved on the bigger projects we undertake. Wether it's from directing on set or mixing his creative ideas into concepts we cook up with our clients. He’s often the link between the director and the FPV team, sets up crazy choreo shots and generally pushes the pilots to the next level on shoots.

Instagram: @renesebastian

Fardau Van Der Meulen - Dutch Drone Gods

Fardau van der Meulen

Project manager

Although she's not a pilot herself, we simply cannot run the company without her. She makes sure every production gets planned, answers all our emails and phone calls and make sure the rest of the team can focus on flying. Her female grip keeps this group of men in order ;-)

Instagram: @fardauvdm

Fulls service video productions

Besides our full time employees we have gathered a reliable network of freelancers around us. From pilots, directors, producers, production assistants, editors, visual effects artists, sound engineers and rt operators. You name it and we have someone we can link to a project. Please let us know your specific needs and we'll make it work.