Indoor drone tour Hazeleger Kaas

Commissioned by
MooiMerk, Hazeleger Kaas


Shot with
DDG Godmode, Gopro

Ralph Hogenbirk

Director and editor
Rene Sebastian

Mike Jonker

About the indoor FPV tour at Hazeleger Kaas

Hazeleger Kaas specialises in cutting and packaging cheese, processing all kinds of cheese every day into fantastic end products for our customers. MooiMerk approached us to capture the full "cheese journey" for their client Hazeleger Kaas.

From preparation, receipt, slicing, packaging, quality control, packing and transport. Each step along the way had to be captured in a one-take video.

The project had multiple deliverables. From the full one-take in Dutch, English and German, to social cuts tailored for attracting new employees. Highlighting every step in the cheese journey and the different jobs each section has to offer.