Red Bull Hardline 2023 FPV drone shot

Commissioned by
Red Bull Media & UMTV

Kade Edwards


Ralph Hogenbirk

Repeater drone
Rene Sebastian

Shot with
DDG Godmode, Gopro 11, repeater system

About the FPV one take at Red Bull Hardline 2023

We as Dutch Drone Gods are extremely proud to have made the first succesfull full top to bottom run at Red Bull Hardline with a FPV drone. Team Ralph and Rene travelled to Dyfi Valley in Wales to go up to the challenge to record a full top to bottom at the insane Hardline course. With massive grounds to cover, getting signal even through the thick forest and also withstand the elements.

And so, after tons of testing and lots of waiting between rain showers, the oppertunity arose to get one good shot at this. And that's the moment were a top athlete and a top pilot combine their strenghts to nail this in just two efforts.

The original plan was to also do live streaming at the main event itself. Unfortunately the event got canceled due to big showers of rain and heavy winds. So we cannot wait untill Hardline 2024!